Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's sssssweet Precious

The Super Secret Surprise Sweater is almost done!! Ok, I did promise Wednesday, but I actually left the house. I think defeating SNOW MADNESS is probably a mentally sound reason for not finishing a SSS Sweater in record time.

It's super cute too. I've already got my mind set on making another one. Or maybe pulling the sleeves out and making this one short sleeve and then making the other long sleeve. Hey, this is starting to sound a bit like SNOW MADNESS again.

Me, rip out sleeves? Knit another of the same sweater??? It's really cute though. Oh, you are so curious.

So, speaking of curious, what the hell is up with Monoloco? I believe that all the awesomely heaven-ness of the Seattle region has been keeping her from listening to us MI whiners. Then again she could have inhaled too many paint fumes and is currently thinking she still is in MI.

Either way, Monoloco I've been getting lot's of "I miss Shelly" comments from the Kzoo/BC area. You might want to work on a guest room/house at the rate we're going.


mono loco said...

Currently unpacking at the speed of light and have checked out "How to built a smarvelous multi-use goat barn/chicken tractor/ZPDK guesthouse from scratch" from the library.

Isn't that cool that they had just the right book for all of my needs?! ;)

Now, to find the hammer and the saw...

Holly Bee said...

The library always has the best things!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Libraries are like Hallmark cards--something for every occasion!

You can borrow my tools...
*throws hammer and saw at Shelly for leaving us behind*

mono loco said...

Ouch! (ducks too late)