Monday, January 26, 2009

It's really a problem

took pigs to inkheart
saw preview for HP 6-cried

ended the evening watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
it was a thinly veiled excuse to see the Dr and Edward in the same movie

I mean David Tennet.

Inkheart was fun. Lot's of knit hats in the first 10 minutes. Helen Mirren is delightful, Brendan Frasier is pretty, and one of the boys from Nick and Nora's infinite playlist was fun.

Cheesy kids movie that did not hurt my soul to watch. That's a winner in my book.


Carina said...

I couldn't talk the kids into that one this last weekend. I want to see it, but maybe I can get Anna to read the book first. We ended up at "Hotel for Dogs" which is basically one long ad for dog rescue. Anna fell apart and cried and cried for the dogs and the kids and the dogs. Fun, let me tell ya.

Bobbi said...

I hear ya on the Goblet of Fire - the Doctor, Cedric, and the yummy twins (I have visions of a Fred and George sandwich sometimes) - too bad it makes me cry after Myrtle makes me crack up. Doesn't our Doctor look hot in leather?

Holly Bee said...

Ah yes Bobbi, I see we are of the same mind on the whole Goblet of Fire. I too dream of a Fred-George sandwich.

The Dr looks smashing in leather!