Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It really is Knit with Snot

In theory, and that's how I knit, "in theory," the Loppem sweater was going to be all done and lovely and ready for it's close up.

Sadly, I got to watching Dr Who, shoveling, and general bon-bon eating. But the Loppem' thing has got sleeves. Again, sleeves in theory.

Now, I've been spending a lot of time with Pig 3. I've learned a few things. Mostly snot related things.

When you tell Pig 3 to wipe his nose, he will, on his sleeve, and then he'll lick the snot off the sleeve.

People think his frequent donning of a bandana is cute. People assume he's very big into cowboys. He's not. It's actually his favorite method of snot blocking.

Finally, Pig 3 is one with Snot, and Snot is one with Pig 3. Sadly, I'm just covered in it.


Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

At least he wipes it on his own sleeve... My nephew has decided that my sleeves are better for said snot wiping.

Holly Bee said...

That calls for an OMG! On your sleeve? Ewwwhwwh!

Carina said...

I've had Stephen come up and wipe his nose on my belly. He does it to gross me out, I think.

You know, Pig 3 is really smart about those bandanas. I have a stack of handkerchiefs that could use a new home. Would he like them?