Saturday, January 17, 2009

I AM bringing Snowpants back!

Kristinknits asked if my snowpants were bib style. I give you a hearty "YES!"

How did I end up with such lovely bibs? Turns out the wicked cold of Michigan is even too much for a young Ogre's pelt to withstand. These are in fact hand me downs from a 10 year old Ogre.

Do you like all the sassy layers it takes just to be in the house? I use the dog as a foot warmer, even when I go out. It's a bitch fitting him down by the brakes, but, anything to keep warm.

20 minutes to get ready to go outside.

Those are drifts in my front yard.

So, because of my lack of desire to venture forth into the tundra, I'm done with the Loppem. Sadly, it will take until spring for it to be done blocking. You see, I blocked it and it froze.

But don't worry about us. The Ogre thought we were low on supplies to last if there was an actual blizzard.

So he stocked up.

As for knitting, I've moved on to something very exciting. I've finally found a pattern for my silky tweed.

It's looking good so far!


tracyb said...

Welcome to snowland! What are you making with the silky tweed?

Carina said...

The drifts are amazing. *shudder* I have to shovel again tomorrow. Ugh.

Yeah, so what are you making with the Silky Tweed? Which pattern finally met that yarn's standards? That yarn definitely has a mind of its own.

Susie said...

I hope you peed before you got dressed! Can't wait to see what you're making with the silky tweed.

Holly Bee said...

I do make a point to pee before I get all snow pantsed up!

As for the silky's a secret!!

Hint: Super Sassy Pullover that you all are going to want to make. That's right, it's going to be the next big thing!!

kristinknits said...

I LOVE THE BIBS! Those are coming in handy this winter!