Sunday, January 04, 2009


FPH-Fluffy Peach Hate

Remember how I was beaten in a knitting competition by a scarf that I dubbed Fluffy Pink Hate? Well, now I have some Fluffy Peach Hate to unleash upon the world.

This was going to be a Kicky Little House Coat aka Long Coat with Chevron Lace from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits. But really, gauge was ignored and turns out I have boobs. I don't know when that happened. But with the boobs and the FPH, I look a bit like a furry hooker. Really, not what I was going for.

No, there are no photos. Do you really want photos of that? You sick dog!

Photos, photos, photos...some gaugeless knitting to observe. A baby bib, and a barf rag. A pretty barf rag, but still.

You've noticed the prevalence of red and white knitting? Ah, yes, there's going to be a little White Stripes baby in February. Oh, not for me! Although the Ogre was beginning to worry.

Actually, rock and roll knitting is actually taking over my knitting scene.

Here is my yet to be felted bag from the Kelley Deal Bags that Rock book. Now I have a bag like she does! I'm practically a member of The Breeders now! That doesn't sound right.

Speaking of dorky, check this sweater. Look at the length of those arms!

No, I didn't knit this! Jerks.

Shelly, in an attempt to save cash, has taken to recycling sweaters for yarn. I think she'll have a sweater from the arms alone.

Now I leave you with a photo of the Pigs. I sent them to WINTER CAMP!

No, really they loved it.


Carina said...

Man. FPH is a bit, um, um, well, there's really nothing good to say about it, is there. Maybe it needs to be repurposed? As a rug? Lovey for the pigs? Um, something else?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful!

Holly Bee said...

I think it's going to be reworked into a Holly Lovey, where boob size and gauge no longer matter.

Linda said...

I just bought Franklin Habits cknitting cartoon book "It Itches". Theres on in there that reads "Two hundred hours, one houndred thousand stitches and I still end up humiliated in front of the entire county by a pink angora shrug." I thouhgt of you immediately!