Friday, January 30, 2009

Dinos and Kidneys-YUM!

Not much is going on around these here days, and the camera is down, so here is a summary of the exciting highlights:

ME: "I added a new component to my blog!" I proclaimed to the Ogre, with excitement teetering on elation. (There's really not a lot going on around here)

The OGRE: "The truth?"

ME: "Sadly no."

On the vegetarian front. Yes, vegetarian, not vegan. I count it the way Bruce Banner counts days of not turning into the Hulk-1 day without incident.

The Pigs had a delightful dinner of dinosaur shaped processed chicken product. The adults in the house had a delightful winter veg soup. There were 2 left over chicky bits when I said:

ME: "I'd eat that if I weren't a vegetarian for the last two days!"

The OGRE: "You'd eat meat, that's shaped like other meat."

PIG 1: "Meat shaped like ancient extinct lizards."

That's about it. That's the excitement.

I do have some exciting Zombie Prom Date Knitters News to announce though.

Last year we challenged the Kalamazoo Knitters and Crocheters to a prayer shawl challenge. They beat us, and we want a chance to redeem ourselves.

This year we, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters, challenge the Kalamazoo Knitters and Crocheters to another Prayer Shawl Show Down.

The shawls this year will be donated to local Kidney Dialysis Patients.

The official start date is Feb 1st and we will run this challenge until May 2nd. At which time we will have a party, with cake and prizes. CAKE...

More details soon.

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tracyb said...

Prayer shawl showdown? Count me in!