Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Did you know this?

Several things have recently come to my attention. One of which is household cleaners shouldn't mix. I know this, you know this, but in my presence they always seem to go toxic. I've decided less cleaning is the safest form of action.

Also pointed out-the new face of Dr Who. It's not pretty. Ok, maybe it's pretty but it's young and it's not my beloved Daniel Radcliffe.

It's 2009. Thanks for pointing that out lady with 4 year old in pink footie pj's at the McD's playland past noon. I wish she would have brought to my attention the reason for the kids footie pj's.

Finally, I recently became aware of why you should use denim in the wash when felting, rather than say a pair of light blue sweat pants.

I now have a black felted bag with a bunch of "designer" blue fleece bits felted in. It's soon to be all the rage.


Linda said...

"black felted bag with a bunch of "designer" blue fleece bits felted in" Oooooo! Where can I get one?? Hahahaha! You crack me up Girl!

Anonymous said...

There's a new face for Dr. Who? I just started watching that show (BBC) has me sucked in. Who is the new Who?

kate said...

Oh hey, I am soon to sew together some things that were supposed to be felted potholders into a felted bag. They have designer old towel bits felted in.

We will start a bag-with- designer-felted-bits trend!

Holly Bee said...

Kate! We may be on to something BIG! Let me know how the bag turns out!!!

We should host a designer bits bag-aren't you jealous event!