Thursday, January 08, 2009

All's Quiet on the Zombie Front

But it's loud as hell on the knitting front!

Really, I haven't seen a zombie since that last unnaturally warm bit. Ah, and people think green house gases have thrown a wrench in the weather. It's actually all those underground reanimators screwing with the geothermal temps. But some mad scientists just aren't happy without a horde of undead to do their bidding. (Now I've got JoCo's Skullcrusher Mountain stuck in my head.

Yep, temps go down, zombie slaying drops to zero, the knitting cranks up to full gear and my ass gets big from lack of exercise. It really is a vicious circle.

Emergency Waiting for the tow truck knitting.

Yes, that's the inside of my backpack. You wonder why heinously tangled yarn doesn't bother me-it brings me inner peace.

I was sucked in by Nora Gaughan's vol 3.

FPH is now FPL!

Yep, it's now Fluffy Peach LOVE!! It's been frogged and turned into a LOVEY!!!

Wait! There's more...surprise item!

Soon to be all the rage!!! Designer bits bag!

I will always felt with fleecey sweatpants!

It's not just knitting that's keeping me on my butt. Check what's on the Joy. Bonus shot-more yarn to keep me seated!

Oh, wait! This yarn has been nudging me too!

Yes, nudging me to sit and knit socks. Two at a time even! I'll be sitting for a long time trying to figure that out.

If this keeps up, I'll be knitting until May! Wait! That's when the snow will be gone and camping season starts!

Questions about the New Dr Who?

Matt Smith or is it really Pig 1? They look the same age.


Carina said...

That Dr. Who is way too young. Isn't there a rule about that somewhere? Something like anyone who travels through space and time should be in his late-30s, early-40s or even older but still have that geeky-but-sexy vibe?

Holly Bee said...

He is too young!

I was recently quoted as saying he needs to get **ckable real quick.