Thursday, December 18, 2008

Orange and Green!

You asked for it!
Here is the inspiration for my crazy love of color...

Oooh, it's hypnotic!
How could a person grow up with this and not love orange and green?

Plus, it goes with everything!

Now, it's your turn...what pretties do you have hiding around your house?


Linda said...

Totally Awesome! Thanks!

Kristina said...

Amazing... just like you! :-)

Will have to dig up something. Maybe the log cabin that is sitting, sadly neglected, in the new stash room.

Linda said...

Why can't they link my work pc to my home laptop? OK they can but it sure would be easier to get my hands on the pictures I took just last night of the very first heavey duty, North Side Chicago, Freaking Cold Blanket that I made for the ELPH while we were dating.

Susie said...

I redid my blog and accidentally left you off my blog roll and I missed your blog! So I'm back and laughing and enjoying it again. Happy Holidays, Holly!

Holly Bee said...

Happy Holidays to all!!