Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They had it coming.

You know, Hansel and Gretel deserved to be eaten. Really, they had it coming. Why take the witch's side...those Gingerbread Houses take a lot of work. I'm just talking the mini ones, not a full sized sugary alpine lodge. That witch had skillz.

Skills of the kind that I do not possess. I think the main skill is patience, followed by short hair, or maybe the witch hat is the key.

The Gingerbread house kit needs a disclaimer:
You will not have the joyous fun of decorating until 4 hours after you open the box.
The icing cement does take time to set up, fool, and your children will torment you all during football day. Please construct house the day before, or while children are at school.

The Wilton, prebaked Gingerbread House should also come with warnings:

Icing is sticky. It's edible cement, use with caution.

You will get icing in your hair.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL OUT ICING...you will also remove your hair.

DO NOT EAT Gingerbread House, or items on it. It's most likely tainted with human hair, and tears.

7 hours, and one Roman Coke later...

The icing cement? We gave up and used regular in a can frosting. Next year...graham crackers and canned frosting.

On the knitting front: I have thrown brown silky wool behind the chair. I swear, I won't turn it into baby sweaters!

Plus, I was able to start a pair of mittens for the ZPDK mitten swap. Please forgive me swap partner...

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Linda said...

Yea. I made one of those. Takes all freaking day! Zero patience girl here won't be makin that mistake twice.