Sunday, December 07, 2008

Snow+Parade=SNOW MADNESS!!!

The Pigs who are also Cub Scouts took part in a time honored tradition yesterday-taking advantage of a mother's love with their cuteness.


Well, the Holiday Parade didn't seem like that big a deal.  Walk with the Pigs in a 7 minute parade (it's a small town.)  Somehow my mind blocked out the part where a Holiday Parade happens on Dec 6, right after a bit of snow.

Needless to say, it was a bit colder than the 4th of July Parades I am accustomed to.

But, there was also less horse poo.

This is where we were:

This is where I wanted to be:

Wondering about the Grange Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar that happened Friday?  Well, you missed out on some deals.
I got the baby quilt on the left for $20, and picked up this lap robe sized one for $5. 
                                                              I got the "it's ugly" discount.  I actually think it's pretty rocker.
I also got the deal of the century by purchasing back my scarf.  $10 worth of yarn, all my time in lace work for $3. Crappy scarves at Walmart are $10.    Yeah, I told you-Ya missed out.
What's this more Grange knitting?  No, screw the Grange selling my stuff for $3. I'm not knitting for them anymore.  No competitions, none of my stuff for sale.  I'll just write a check for $50 and save some time.

This hat is Pig 1's new winter hat.  He wanted it to be yellow birds eating oranges.  I did actually work out charts and had it all patterned up, but really he's 4, he's going to lose it.

Actually, this was done about a week ago, but he had lost it before he'd ever worn it.  Stripes really were the way to go!


Carina said...

Three dollars?! You've got to be kidding me. I was upset that my church was charging that for bread when the ingredients cost more than that, but for knitting?!

Oh yeah, just write a check next year. No more knitting for them!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carina...just write the check. That scarf should have sold for $15 - 20 dollars..Guess no one else does hand knits with "real" yarn at the Grange..
Of coarse, there is a recession going on!!!\

the other Linda

Holly Bee said...

I could have personally priced it for more, but it would have never sold. Plus, I got a sweet deal in buying it back!

tracyb said...

Muggles simply do not appreciate the beauty and wonder that is a hand knit! :)

Holly Bee said...

Tracy! I think you've said it best!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the colors in O's new hat. You'll have to teach me how to do stripes without the jog.