Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow pants and Burritos

I wanted to take my little Joy spinning wheel out on the road.
I don't have a carrying bag, so I improvised.

Yes, that is a pair of snowpants.

Hey, I used what I had laying around. Plus, if I were to go careening off the road and end up in a ditch, I'd have survival gear.

What was the reason for the outing? Well, monoloco is leaving the Mighty Mitten and she's never eaten that Michigan/Mexican conncoction known as a wet burrito. Ah yes, 4 years here and no wet burrito has ever been desired, ordered or eaten, only questioned.

Since her time here is short, I wanted to make sure she had a taste of South of the Great White North's answer to Mexican food.

KNITTERS IN WASHINGTON-Redmond area specifically: Please take this wild knitter under your wing and show her the regional cuisine, then please, please take photos. It will be a lovely cultural exchange.

Because really, she'll be new to the area, and will need a new group to knit with.

Plus, she's up for anything. Even home electrocution.

Spinsanity not only makes spindles, she also tortures her friends...

It requires a phone cord!
Alright, I did make her put the hat on.
Yes, that is the Fishy Hat from knitty! It does look good on everyone.


tracyb said...

Thanks for the link, I was gonna ask you what a wet burrito was!

Susie said...

Is that a loom in your pants or are you just happy to see me? Sorry I couldn't stop myself!

Carina said...

That mask thing is so dang creepy. It was bad enough in person but dang! Soooo creepy in the photo, too. Too bad I had to leave early.

Oh, he turned my internet back on. Yay.

Linda said...

That mask? Jim Carrey "Smokin!"
Snow pants on the spinny wheel? Too funny!

Mono loco said...

I've had an epiphany!!

No wonder why everyone in Ohio could understand me, but NOBODY around here understands a word I say!!

You're all speaking "Michigan English" and I'm speaking this:

Y'all don't even know what a whistlepig is... northern savages.

Anonymous said...

I found me a road kilt whistlepig oncet. Carried him home in a poke and tanned his hide for a wallet. Would'a et him with poke salet if'n he hadn't been a smellin' like caryn.
Northern Savage

Holly Bee said...

I'm just Joy-ous to see you!!

Yeah, I left when the electrocution started! It was creepy!