Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shrimp, Knit, Awards...we've got it all!

The Knitting related Holidays are over and it's time to get back to what I do best.

Which is posing with drinks.

Or eating shrimp.
Or teaching the Pigs about fashion.

Right, so what I do best is knit.

Items Being Knit-sure you call it WIP, but that just makes me think they'll never be finished. So I've got IBK, it sounds more MI6. Wait, or is that KGB. Either way, it's all top secret.

1. Mittens
2. FPH Sweater-details to follow

Hey, I have two projects going and yet a giant pile of death and destruction behind the chair! The Pigs and I could hide for days in the pile and zombies would never sniff us out due to the overwhelming amount of sheep products. Or the underwhelming amount of brain smell.

Now, have you dropped off your Special Olympic Scarves to your local donation collection center?

Jackie, Eunice and I knit our bit and turned in the goods yesterday.

Sadly, we had to drop them off at Stitching Memories...and they were having a sale...and it was all down hill from there.

Due to feeling all charitable and awesome, I felt the need for a treat. Plus, there was a sale happening and I found this!!

It's by Kelley Deal!! The Breeders? Sister of Kim Deal? For the love of knitpicks, Kelley, sister of Kim, from THE PIXIES?? The Breeders, the 90's, flannel? Wait, non zombie, we-all-want-to-be- from-Seattle-flannel.

Really, is there anything more perfect? Well, if it turns out Daniel Craig is actually blogging about this really awesome knitter named Holly Bee of Knit with Snot. Yeah.

Then, today while on an outing with the Pigs, my bubble of charity was burst. I ran into a lady who was knitting her 16th Special Scarf (16th!!! slackers!) Oh, whoa is me! I have time to make more, and mail them on my own, but 16!! I can't wait to see how many of these scarves actually come from Kalamazoo, MI.

So, congratulations to Knitting Lady at Jungle Joe's-you get the

Snotty Charity Knit In Public and Just Plain Awesome Award!!

Well, she's awesome and all, but I'm not giving her my book. My charity bubble was burst, my greediness bubble is still intact.


mono loco said...

All hail the glorious greediness bubble!!

(She says as she knits a hat herself as her husband's xmas 2008 socks languish, half-done, in the knitting bag.)

sbedford01 said...

Hey Holly when are the mittens supposed to be done?

Anonymous said...

was that you holding a bottle of wine? you would have been proud of me, as i sat on the floor of trader joe's on dec 23 with my 3 glorious children picking out wine for my niece....based solely on how pretty the label was. 6 bottles of wine for $27 - should be tasty, right?
jeanna, your cuz from the east