Monday, December 08, 2008

Really, round knitting?

It's day 4 of insane snow. Yes, I know those of you in snowier locations aren't bitching and moaning about it, plus yes, it's pretty, but...shoveling is my job and we don't have a fancy snowblowing machine.

Really. It's all shoveled with snot around here.

Plus, the knitting isn't all that exciting right now. I bound off the Roundy-Round blanket. Remind me next time I say "blanket in the round" that I don't so much like knitting roundy and roundy. Socks are more than what my attention span can take and I went with big cotton blanket?

The Knitting Pure and Simple sweater is down to the roundy roundy portion. The sweater should be called "knitting pure and simple, but boring as hell once past the neck shaping."

So I've decided for the next sweater, it either has to be a kid's sweater (note I didn't say Pig.)

No round blankets, no roundy knitting sweaters. Got it.

I don't even have any Twilight books left in the house.
I read Twilight-I got sucked in to the whole girly vamp romance.
New Moon-was fun. I liked it better than the first.
Eclipse-Slow in the beginning, and then it broke my heart.

Breaking Dawn-I've heard mixed reviews and I'm not emotionally ready for more heartbreak.

The knitting stinks, the reading is painful and I've still got holiday crap, er, gifts rather to make.

I've made a hat, two of the cabled headbands, a pair of hot pants with matching wash cloths, and now, I'm thinking beer sweaters for the rest of the crew. I hope Grandma likes the thought behind the beer sweater.


tracyb said...

It's ok, I'm bitching about the snow too! You may have more than me!

Linda said...

Bear sweater for Gram! Excellant idea!