Monday, December 15, 2008

Need a brown sweater?

I have come to the conclusion that  I will never own a sweater made from the beautiful brown Elsebeth Lavold yarn. 
I've gone through a slew of possibilities:
Tangled Yoke-great, but I don't need another cardigan.
An acceptable option from Knitting Nature was deemed hideous by the Ogre.  Honestly, why put all that time into something and then have your Ogre cringe when he sees you?

The Daily Sweater-there were problems with the Knitter, but really, would that neckline look good on me?  I think not.

I could go the Ann Budd plain sweater route.
But really, I've proven to myself with the attempted Knitting Pure and Simple pattern that roundy and roundy knitting is too boring to maintain for longer than about 3 rows.

So, if you happen to have a small child in your life, you can pretty much expect a brown sweater. I've got a lot of yarn to burn through.

Holiday knitting?  Screw all of you, you aren't going to appreciate it anyway.  To those getting hot pants mitered towels-Not a peep out of you! 

I don't know how Santa does it.  Oh, that's right, he's got elves.  Must teach the Pigs to knit...


Linda said...

Oh! And that is such lovely yarn! Stash it. The right sweater will find it. And yse you really must teach the pigs to knit! Four knitters in one house? Your Christmas knitting would be done in no time!

tracyb said...

I agree with Linda, too good for baby sweaters, should be the perfect sweater for you. Seal it up in some ziplock, go buy some cool kid yarn to calm the knitting jones with kiddie wear and wait for your perfect sweater to come along!

Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I agree with Linda, stash it! A little aging will do it good. Sweater yarn is like a fine wine, you need to let it age a bit until the right pattern shows up.

Bobbi said...

You know, you could pass that yarn along to someone else (hint hint) who could possibly use it. :)

Holly Bee said...

I could pass the yarn along...but I'm so damn selfish. It's a big, fluffy thorn in my side.

Holly Bee said...

Chelsea! At this rate, the yarn may actually turn into wine before I settle on a pattern for it!