Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's no longer fluff...It's YARN!

So I took my lovely, ok, wonky, hand spun and I took a few minutes to cherish it.

It went a bit like this,

"O, beautiful yellow and brown, you that I drop spindled by fire light! I'm going to put you in water! Sort of like Ophelia, but hopefully this will turn out better!

Next you blue stuff left over from the 80's! You were my first on the Joy! You helped me name that dirty wheel Joylisa (Joleisa).

Ah, and finally you Orange! A gift to learn to spin with! Fav color, sassy and twisty!

Good luck happy skeins!"

Why the long kiss goodnight? Their chances for survival were hanging in the balance.

See, I'm not too trusting of the directions I was given.

Sure, sure, "don't run the water on the fluff, it will felt it."

This is all pretty voodoo, I was sure it would be fine.

Then I squeezed water out. I had just cleaned the bathroom, I wasn't going to have fluff water mucking up the place.

I pulled out the fancy guest towels to do this next step.

Now, where to leave this crap. Shower seemed logical, but that would have freaked out the Ogre, what with it being at his eye level.

Ah! A better spot, the Pigs mitten drying rack! It's like it was meant to be!

I missed the step about standing on one leg and singing "twinkle, twinkle, little star" during the soaking stage. Since I want this yarn to properly set, I went ahead and did the one leg stand this morning...

I sang Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. I also threw in a little Wild Honey Pie, because really it seemed more fitting for this level of insanity.


Anonymous said...

Alice found a large stainless steel treble hook thing used to hang tack in the Farm/Tractor Supply store and she can get several skeins on that. Hangs over the utility sink to drip dry, but you could hang it over the drum of your washer too.

tracyb said...

I hung mine over my husband's nice wood hangers, sturdy, and hung them over the bathtub, which conveniently has a nice little towel bar above it!

Carina said...

It's all gorgeous, too! Such lovely, lovely yarn. :)

I really need to get spinning again. I think it'll help me feel better.

Holly Bee said...

The nice wood hangers? You are bad!

I swiped the Ogre's tie hanger. He'll never miss it.