Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Almost Time!

It's almost time!

The stockings, not hand knit stockings mind you, are ready!

I saw Santa at Target the other day, and he said he's ready to quit his day job and start the evening gig. I figure I was either talking to the real Santa who was getting an employee discount, or I ran across a very jolly strip club Santa. Either way, I think getting out of retail is a smart move this time of year.

The knitted holiday gifts that will be opened later today, they're, well, mostly done. Which is ahead of schedule in my book!

So, Happy Holidays Friends! May your knit gifts be appreciated and your gauge be right on the first try in the New Year!


Carina said...

Well, I'm batting about .500 so far on the knitted gifts. I have one left not done (and then we had snow days, so she'll get it in January *sigh*), I forgot to take one to the appt so I could give it to her, but the others are well-liked so far.

I wonder how my mom's hubby will take the gag gift of the plain grey knitted Christmas ornament. Grey's his favorite color, and the family joke is that he always gets stuff in boring grey. :)

Bec said...

I decided to knit my mom socks in worsted weight yarn so they would be more like slippers. Thinking I had some yarn I did not buy any when I hit the sale on Saturday. Nope, well kind of nope. I have one completed sock that I made out of garage sale yarn. After digging for a bit, the other skein revealed itself. Now I am knitting one sock. However, the gauge seems a bit tighter than the other sock. Hmm, I may just be reknitting the other sock. There is time!