Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It goes to 11

Random knitterly things:

1.  Why do you knit?

It keeps me from the drink.  Ok, that's not true, but it does keep me out of more mobile trouble.

2.  Where do you knit?

In a chair, in a car, in a box, and with a fox, uh, pigs.

3.  Do you hide yarn/projects?

Why yes, yes I do!  I just found a skein of sock yarn in the saran wrap/aluminum foil drawer.   I also have a scarf that I that I started while in the Olympic/Ravelry Olympic spirit.  It's hiding somewhere in the camping supplies. 

4.  Knitting and you have a plan?

The weather in Michigan is a bit dicey with the whole snow thing.  If I were to skid off the road and not have a project to work on while waiting for the tow truck I would probably use my powers of frustration to lift the car out of the ditch.  Since that might hurt my back, I've packed an emergency cotton dish cloth to work on.  Plus, it could be used as a tourniquet if there was blood.

Zombies? See # 3. There are projects hidden anywhere a zombie hold up situation may take place.  There's always down time in an zombie world domination situation.

5.  Stash, will it out live you?

My stash, can easily be eliminated in this lifetime.  I swear, I can quit any time.

6.  Afraid to knit anything? Socks, lace?

I fear nothing!  Well, maybe toilet paper cozies.  I fear toilet paper cozies.

7.  Knit-Alone or with a group?

Zombie Prom Date Knitters...we're taking over the world!

8.  Gauge?

Gauge is for people afraid of adventure.

9.  Knit more for yourself or other people?

I knit for myself and then generously give it to other people.  Yeah, it's that whole gauge thing biting me in the ass again.

10.  Knit, crochet...are you a switch hitter?

I swing both ways baby!

11.  Favorite knit/crochet item?

Ripple orange/green/yellow afghanI think it was a high school graduation gift for my Mom.  It rocks and is the reason for my love of orange and green.


Bobbi said...

You freakin' rock, baby!

Linda said...

Ripple orange/green/yellow afghan? Photos??

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Have I told you latetly how I love you? *smmmmmmooch*

Holly Bee said...

You all so sweet!