Wednesday, December 10, 2008


While checking guage, something magical happened...I started frogging, and it felt lovely.  That Silky Wool is just as nice to frog as it is to knit!

Sadly, the sweater would have actually fit.

I really hadn't gotten that far.  Don't shed a tear for this sweater, it just wasn't it's time.

Now it's back to it's full potential. 


Linda said...

Awww, but it was looking so lovely. I know what you mean though. I've still got that beautiful Briar Rose that hasn't told me what it wants to be yet!

Carina said...

I've run into this more than once. Just listen to the yarn--it'll tell you what it wants to be. Maybe a shawl?

tracyb said...

How much do you have? I made my Tangled Yoke Cardigan out of it and it would be awesome had I not screwed up the cable. The yarn and the sweater are fab together.

Holly Bee said...

Oooh, tangled yoke! I think that's one of the 20 patterns in my queue marked as using this very silky wool!

What size needle did it take for you to get gauge?

tracyb said...

Ravelry says I used a size 5! Ooo, I hope you make it. It was really fun to knit!