Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Beads and Yarn, it's like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

This is more of a local thing, but I can hook you up if you're far away. No, not like the movie
Far and Away; I've got no land to give you.

Let's just cut to the deal. I know a lady, she owns Sparrow Beads. You know the PURPLE bead place on 131, just south of Schoolcraft, and north of Three Rivers?

Look! Beads for your fancy shawls! Ah, and beads for the zipper pulls you promised to make your kids, three years ago! Heck, you've been saying "I could make waaaay cuter stitch markers than those." Why not do it?

I'd like some fancy stitch markers. If you're making some for yourself...

The real news is...She's also selling yarn for $1 a skein. Now, don't get all "OMG-OMG! This is bigger than the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle!!"

It's old, and it may be all Red Heart. Well, don't give up on me now. Think charity, think cancer capes (aka prayer shawls, we do a whole thing with the Hope Lodge in GR) think


Plus, who knows, you may find that one awesome yarn that was discontinued. It's worth a field trip just to check it out. Now, who's with me??

If you go without me, tell them Holly sent you!


Linda said...

Beads AND yarn?!!? IT IS like peanut butter and chocolate! Man, you have the coolest places up there in the frozen tundra!

Holly Bee said...

No, really, it sucks here.

I just happen to know people and places that make it more tolerable.

simply patti said...

omg!!! I love that little purple house and now they have yarn? Roadtrip!

And I agree, it does suck here but we are cool so that does make it more tolerable...