Friday, November 07, 2008

What you Missed...or the Bullet you Dodged

Before there was knitting, there was blood. Ok, there wasn't blood, but there my have been tears, and there was sweat. Most of it was due to furniture moving.

Not all of it was from the large amounts of jalapenos that I ate. Hey, I like to remember I'm alive.

(Carina, sorry about the lunch confusion/mess up.)

To get pretty pictures like this...

It often requires a whole lot of this...
the right angle

Proper staging

Choking back giggles

Was this necessary?

Outright mockery...

Finally, the pay off.

Possibly the last day of porch sit knitting in Michigan. I mean, without snow.

I also managed to finish Mel's hat!


Linda said...

The hat looks freaking fantabulous! Awesome job!
The house looks great too. You all did a great job!

Carina said...

I really needed to get out that day. Thank you. The house really does look nice, and it was so much fun playing with Gus.

simply patti said...

That porch looks so familiar... i am going to walk around the village all day until I spot it...

lol, it's nice to 'meet' you!