Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Now?

Ok, the Skull hat isn't technically done, but it should be this afternoon.
You know how knitting patterns have those two really irritating instructions, oh, heck, I'm not even counting the gauge nonsense. No, the "when joining in the round, do not twist" and "buy enough yarn to complete project."

Well, because Mel has a freakishly large head, and I had to make the size LARGE in the Skull Isle hat for him, I ran out of black for the top. Yes, I actually purchased enough for the project:

If making just the hat one skein each of MC and CC will be enough

Yeah. It wasn't. It's got some kicky red up on the top. It's a true one of a kind.

What will I work on now?

I could take the spinning off the bottle and make it into yarn...

Awwh, cute, no? Papa and baby!

Spinsanity gave me one of her wonderful Lazy Kates for my birthday. Now I don't need to roll out the barrel to ply my yarn.

Or I could just give up using a drop spindle to ply...

Or I could work on Holiday gifts.

Or I could knit everything in the Mason Dixon Knitting new book

But really, really, I need to start working on my Grange Bazaar projects. Ah, it's almost Swiss Steak dinner and Bazaar time!!!

Ooooh, I think Aunt Bernadine made some more of her rocking aprons...

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Susie said...

Take the spinning off the bottle. It looks gorgeous!