Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweater Weather

Well, well, well, 32 degrees, the magic number 0, however you measure it, it means snow. Which is good for skiers, sweater knitters and zombie slayers. Yes, suddenly we who wear wool don't seem so foolish.

I mean sure, the multi color woolie knee socks and kicky pink cardi may seem fashionably
questionable in late July,

but now, now, no one is Michigan is questioning sweaters. Ok, maybe still the socks. Note the photographer did not get the socks in the shot.

Did you know that a hockey jersey was originally called a sweater BECAUSE THEY WERE SWEATERS!!!...yeah, those guys are no fools!
Ask Mr. Hockey...that rink is ice cold, as is Michigan.
So, save a little money this winter, turn that thermostat down. No, I mean waaay down, and put on a sweater!


1 comment:

Linda said...

Girl, I swear! You always make me laugh! I have 2 more squares for the NYOBE and then I'm hookin up a sweater. It's in my Q even.