Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shelly needs your help

Shelly needs our help! ZPDK in area,


We are meeting up at Shelly's to help her polish the Pink House...It's going on the market tomorrow!!!

You know that means lunch from NINA'S!!!


Matt Church said...

It's probably worth it to me to drive to BC to help with chores just to eat lunch at NINA'S! That place is dang tasty!

mono loco said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O heroic members of ZPDK, for saving me from my doom!!

Once again the pink ghetto house is livable (and now, even sellable)!

Muchas smoochas to all!!

Holly Bee said...

Ah Matt, you missed some good times! Excellent food...hysterical, typical Battle Creek crazy! Plus, the cereal in the air smelled like Brownies yesterday.

Mono Loco...We will miss you so much! But we know you'll be in a better place. No gun fire, loose dogs, maybe loose bears (but I'm sure they won't shoot them.)

Just make sure you have space for us when we all road trip over. We gonna take the train.
The ZPDK Express.

Give us the MLS of your house when it's available.