Sunday, November 02, 2008

Order has fallen into smelly chaos

I like to hide my yarn behind my chair in the living room. Hide being a figurative word, because everyone knows it's back there. Still, we'll go with hide.

So, the yarn is in various states of hidden. Some is hidden in a plastic two drawer storage unit, some in last year's Boy Scout Popcorn tins (another reason to support the cub scouts! yarn storage containers!)and various bags. I have even tastefully hidden fluff (aka roving and spinning supplies) in metal milk box.

Even with all this awesome storage yarn manages to sneak out of it's confines and the cat makes nests out of it. Which freaks me out, because it smells like barf behind the chair. I'm starting to become concerned that a cold homeless person has sought refuge in the warmth of my stash, or the cat died back there. Either way, it's something bad, and smelly, and I'm afraid to look.


Carina said...

I'd put money on the kids using it as a stash place too. Are your kids food stashers like mine? I'm constantly finding bits of food hidden behind couches and in little nooks and crannies.

Holly Bee said...

Nope-Pigs + Food = Kitchen or Death

Cat barf!

Linda said...

Eww! my hubby's magic cat-barf dissapearing, carpet cleaning solution is Murphy's Oil Soap:
a small amount in a dish (coffee cup) of water - MICROWAVED - for 30 sec. scrub w/toothbrush (preferrable NOT one from the toothbrush holder.) blot dry with paper towel or NOT red/blue towel.
for skeins of yarn; probably won't work. sorry.

Linda said...

BTW: LOVE the Copperpot Woolies-Snotty, Bamboo-y Fluff! AWESOME colors!!!!