Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh, Home on the Grange...(hey I try)

I'm thinking that if I had a chin, or more hair, or both, this would be my winter style accessory.

It's the Autumn Headband from the Stitch 'n Bitch calendar.

You too could be this sassy! (Plug for Grange Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar)
I made it special for the Grange Bazaar, Dec 5.

(the bazaar is open during the dinner and on Saturday December 6th)B dr South and 9 1/2 mile road Really, that's where it's at. (Originally I was sending you to a cemetery on B dr North. Funny, but unintentional.)
Oooh, and the scarf is done too. Yes, done. Ok, it needs to have the ends woven it, but done in my sense of the word.
Sooo, I asked the Ogre if I could be done. It went like this...
OGRE!!! I am so done knitting stuff for the Grange!
So be done.
No, I said I WAS done.
I'm not arguing with you.
Nice, that he cares for my knitting well being.
Now, now what? Mittens for the mitten swap? Scarves for the Special Olympians? Holiday gifts??
Screw you all, I'm making the Daily Sweater from the Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines book. Which of course is doomed to fail and be for charity anyway because of that mean declaration. I'm thinking my inappropriate choice of yarn, and my general apathy towards gauge and math may also be contributing factors. But for now, the knitting at least, is mine.


Linda said...

"Screw you all, doomed to fail, inappropriate choice of yarn, and my general apathy towards gauge and math " Hahahaha! You crack me up! LOVE the headband! Very sassy!

tracyb said...

what yarn are you using? I've had my eye on that one since I got the book! I too, suffer your apathy towards gauge and math (witness too small squares) but I believe your sweater mojo will overcome!

Holly Bee said...

It's all true too!

I'm attempting to use Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Tweed. Yeah, attempting.

Carina said...

A knitta's gotta do what a knitta's gotta do. Good to hear that you're knitting for yourself!