Monday, November 10, 2008

Knitting, and Collections and it's not stash this time

Oh, what did you miss at Grange this time?

Collections Night!

I brought in my unfinished, finished knits. Yes, all of these finished items have a mystery unfinished portion. Like the Briar Rose Retro Cardi. I gave it button holes, alas, I did not give it buttons. It also has a powerfully annoying string in the arm that should be cut, but it's really part of the charm.

Pig 1 brought his rock collection. It's quite extensive.

We had a Shirley Temple collector, antique toy sewing machines,

a Johnny Depp collection, ok, Pirates of the Caribbean collection,

hats, fireman hats, nurse items, paper weights, and squashed pennies and an amazing collection of Ogre sewn Pig Halloween costumes.

Also amazing these two with their washboards! Much lighter, and saner, than bringing in the cow anchors.

There was also food,

but you were only allowed to eat it under a table.

What's next at the Grange?

December 5th
(the bazaar is open during the dinner and on Saturday December 6th)
B dr South and 9 1/2 mile road Really, that's where it's at. (Originally I was sending you to a cemetery on B dr North. Funny, but unintentional.)

Plus, I've been working on things...ooooh look at the U of M color hat! aaaah! and the cute scarf! You know you hate making scarves...

Support the Grange, Support your Community. (Really, come check it out, it's fun, it's good food, and you can see how freakishly tall the Ogre really is!!)

Would you be more likely to come if I could manage to get Spinsanity to sell spindles there? Maybe have some fiber people at the event too? I'm working on something...might have to be next year...but I'm always working on something.


Bec said...

9 1/2 and B Drive North? Isn't that the cemetery?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the cemetary. Holly Bee is not so much good with the directions. (I'm not talking about giving directions. I'm actually talking about North-South-East-West.)

That being the case, she really meant 9 1/2 and B Drive South.

One mildly annoyed Ogre (AKA an Ogre annoyed to his usual level)

Holly Bee said...

Ok, so I used to live on B Drive North and the Grange is on B Drive South. It confuses me.

Heeheehee the cemetery. I remember when the pig farm burned just down the road from the cemetery...smelled like bacon.

O Mighty Ogre! Sorry to offend you and your noble sense of direction! I will go fix the misdirection now.

Bec said...

Well I need to make a correction as well. 9 1/2 turns into 9. So the cemetery is at the corner of B drive N and 9 mile. Oh I was so hopping it was there! Or maybe at the house with all of the plants for sale. I don't live too far from there.

So Holly, where did you go to school?

I have been a complete slacker about working this week. So if I continue the trend, I may try to make it to Kalamazoo to knit with y'all Zombies on Thursday. It would be nice to meet up in person.

Holly Bee said...

Please sing:

I went to
Harper Creek-Wattles Park
Springfield-Middle School
Bellevue-Middle School
Graduated Lakeview

I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere!

We'll be knitting at Water St starting around 1230. It's the one at Oakland and Whites.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Is it so weird that I actually DID sing that in my head as I was reading it--in exactly the tune you intended--before I got to the line where I knew that's what you were going for?

Holly Bee said...

Spinny!! We are so ON!!

Anonymous said...

You look SO good dressed all in black and singin' your song!

Holly Bee said...

Did anyone else think that last comment was creepy?