Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is there Mail today?

I'm waiting for something awesome to show up in the mail.

No, it's not Daniel Craig. Although if I could get him delivered through post...

Actually, now that I'm thinking, what I really want is to order up some James Bond and Jason Bourne. Yeah, they could swill alcohol and look all steamy in grey sweaters and then beat the crap out of someone who deserves it.

Really, if the post office could deliver them to do some lawn work, I'd be cool with that too. They are going to need the sweaters this time of year though.

But really, the question is...Is there Mail today??


tracyb said...

Is it a holiday? I really think the library should be closed on holidays, but it's not so I have to go to work. If I have to go to work the post office should be open. But it's probably not.

Holly Bee said...

Yes, it is Veterans Day.

I am being insensitive and whining about the mail.

It's the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ending World War I.

But then we had World War II, and all the other Wars and the Wars we are in, wait were those declared official wars? Either way, lot's of Veterans.

War is Bad.

See why I just left it at "is there Mail today?"

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

According to the google, post offices are closed and no regular mail delivery (though express and special delivery are uneffected). Dammit.

Linda said...

Government Holiday. Veterans Day.
No regular, slow boat mail today. Shoulda shipped it UPS. They never take a holiday. Not even Christmas! Poor guys. Oh and I just watched the whole Bourne Trilogy last week! *sigh*