Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daily Sweater Out...Colbert Socks in?

The Daily Sweater, is now a Knitting Pure and Simple top down sweater.

No twisty cabley things to pay attention to, no weirdly large neck hole. Just a nice plain top down v neck sweater. In theory. I think all my knitting is "in theory."

As in "What are you making?"

"In theory it's a sweater, but if I get bored, a vest."

"In theory it's a blanket, but it may end up a hat."

It's all very fluid. Maybe it's the snot.

Shall we just agree that the Colbert Socks would have been the better Mason Dixon choice for me?


tracyb said...

You and me Holly - we are non-comforists. We don't like to follow the rules, thus explains are complete inability to make a square shaped knit thing. We find odd shapes more interesting. Power to the people!

Carina said...

I really like those KP&S patterns, anyway. Well written, work with any yarn, and much happier to knit. Good idea to switch, since it'll showcase that lovely yarn so well, too.