Friday, November 14, 2008

Communal Cake...We do that

So, it was a rocking good time at Water St.

We had Rebecca! of Bec knits show up! We are working on a secret top down boy baby sweater that incorporate skulls...shhh, don't tell, it's a secret. How cool was that? Ok, not so much a secret.

We also had Patti! Then Laura showed up. She has a new job and skipped it to come hang out. I mean really hang out. The woman was draped over my chair like my own human boa. It was very sassy.

Oh, what else? A communal cake. Yes, we're that close. It was Spinsanity's bday celebration. Cake-plates=dig in and watch your fingers.

Then I was waving "HI" to Rams and was accused of trying to pick up a lame dork that I used to work with. By the way, I would like to know how he can spend all afternoon at the coffee shop and not at the evil pharmaceutical company. Because he's there every Thursday. I wonder how he puts that in his planner "three hours of dicking around at the coffee shop" or "business meeting."

Couch jumping lead to broken sock needles. If it's not an Olympic Sport, don't do it! Which leads me to a thought I had the other day...Curling, which I love, is an Olympic Sport, so don't you think Speed Knitting should be an Olympic Sport? Yes.

Now, it wasn't my birthday, it was close to Shannon's. She did get some gifts, but, uh, so did I.

It was awesome. A new knitting bag-Carina picked up from Big Lots-Odd Lots for you Ohio transplants.

Fluff, wait, ORANGE fluff, from Betty for Joleisa aka the Joy spinning wheel. It's already predrafted and everything. Right on.

Hand knit socks from Shelly! The free 9 to 5 pattern. Made with the koigu I bought as a "hey, you knit socks, I buy yarn, have some yarn" yarn, that just happened to be in colors I like. I swear it was not a sneaky plan, it just worked out that way.

Pig 3 also got his beloved yellow sweater. It's fuzzy, yellow, chicky, and "the best thing ever."

Zombies? Not a one it sight. It's getting boring around here. Right.


Carina said...

Please say you've taken a pic of Owen in that sweater. I'm just dying to see how cute he is in it. :)

I'm glad you liked the bag. That camera pocket was a cool extra-bonus.

Linda said...

Non Birthday presents?! A new knitting bag and pre-drafted orange fluff? SWEEET!!!
Yellow Sweater pictures please.

Linda said...

So where are the pic's from this momentous day???
it's just not like you to have a blog post without pic's. Some of us live vicariously through your don't cheat us out of visuals...

Holly Bee said...

I'm working on it!

Until I get a yarnharlot style book deal, this blogging thing doesn't pay that well.

Ok, actually, I a fit of giggles, I misplaced evil camera.

Holly Bee said...

in a fit of giggles, in a fit of giggles.

Bec said...

Hey! I had a great time. Unfortunately, I will not be able to come again until March. My long term subbing gig begins soon. I may have to check out that group that meets-up in BC.

Still thinking about Hellboy sweater. I'm thinking two columns of skulls from the shoulders. It could be either on a cardi or a v-neck. What say you?

Holly Bee said...

Bec! Hellboy is sounding AWESOME!

I think v neck would be very mini manly!

simply patti said...

huh... it's pattI.

Get it right or pay the price!

Holly Bee said...

Changing now!!

I'm a y, your an i...I get it!