Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bond, Dirty and oh, so right

The Ogre and I skipped responsibilities and headed off to the nearest sushi restaurant. It was all dreamy, Daniel Craig was there, he wore no shirt. Right, that was after lunch, we also went to Quantum of Solace.

Although there was none of this going on

Mr. Bond was in full action hotness mode. Really, I think I stopped breathing at one point. Ok, several points, and it wasn't because the Aston Martin got the door ripped off.

The whole white pants boat scene, yeah, I'll never look at a boat the same way again.

The movie? It's been said before, and I'll say it again-
Movie 7/10 stars
Daniel Craig's Bond 10/10

WAIT! I can't talk about Bond, dead sexy Bond, this is supposed to be about knitting!

Yesterday, I made a hat, with stripes, for Pig 3. Out of Fantasy dark horse yarn.

There, now back to Bond.


kate said...

Mmm, Bond. I won't lie, my mom and I went the first weekend. We couldn't wait for the hotness.

And hey, if you want to link Bond and knitting, we could wonder if that shawl-collar sweater he had on would have looked as cool if anyone but Daniel Craig had been wearing it.

Linda said...

Um...Oooo...drool.......OH! CRAP! I've been stuck on the Bod...I mean Bond. Then my finger slipped on the down arrow and then there was something about knitting. Knitted Bond boxers? Um no, what was it? CRAP! Who cares....Oooooo Bond!

Carina said...

You know what it is? It's that "tortured soul" thing. He looks so tortured and unhappy, and, well, hot, and it just makes me want to make him feel better.

I still maintain that Naveen Andrews is hotter, though. Mmmmm . . . Naveen Andrews . . .