Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ah, the Joy

So, the spinning wheel adventure started off like this.

Oh, Look! The mail person has delivered a package.

Could this be the package I was waiting for?

Check the address, no Daniel Craig, ok. Yes, this is the package regardless of the lack of Daniel Craig's ability to be mailed.

It was all happiness and excitement, until I realized, I don't know how to work this thing. Yeah.

I knew about the thing to get the leader thing through the other thing. Note all the knowledge I'm dropping on you. I knew the scotch tension thing (not the good kind of scotch either, just fishing line and some metal and another thing) needed to do something. So I...called Shelly.

The conversation went like this

Shelly I don't know how to work my stuff.

Yeah, well, my stuff is either in Washington or Pink.

Let's drink wine and talk on the phone.

Yes, let's. That will solve everything.

And it did.

Joy? That's not her name. I dub thee honor of the Ting Tings

They call me quiet girl
But I'm a riot
Maybe Joleisa

It's a catchy song. I can't help it. It was stuck in my head...


Elizabeth said...

Great. Now I'm the only one without a Joy. Oh, well, I'm saving up for a Schact Matchless. BEAT THAT.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Hey Northern Girl, did I tell you Carina found a Matchless for $500 at an estate sale? Heh, probably a good thing I didn't go post this on *your* blog. Maybe you won't see it...

Carina said...

She's so preeeety! Nice wheel, and really nice yarn on the bobbin already.

Yeah, if you want, I could try to track down the estate sale chick who had it. She had a good price on it, too, about half off.

Holly Bee said...

We need to start an emergency "good deal on wheels" fund.

That way we can just buy the wheels when we see them and hold them in hock until the new owner can pay for them...oooooh, it's brilliant!