Monday, October 13, 2008

ZPDK and the 4 Musketeers

Ok, the Alpaca song may have left some of you scratching your head saying "Wow, Knit with Snot, not the best knitter, and you really should stick with the knitting. What's up with the crazy?

Here's what was up with the crazy...

We went to the Award Winning 4 Musketeer Alpaca Farm, in Bellevue, MI.

What!?! Visitors! The owners will let them give us FOOD!!!

Yes, I was caught up in a baby alpaca stampede. I held my ground, and it was delicious!

You know I'm too lazy, but if I wasn't I'd knit a set of Alpaca Legs...

and photo them everywhere like Chicken Legs!!! Brilliant!

(Ok, if recycling ideas counts, I'm getting some sort of trophy for that.)

It was like an 8 foot table, piled 6 feet high, Spinsanity and Em dove right in.

Even Marty and I couldn't resist getting in on this action.

In the excitement, my own hand got in the way of that shot. Note there is money in my hand also. Yes, photo taking, fiber buying, Pig wrangling, it was a busy day.

If there were zombie sightings in your area, sorry, we were otherwise occupied.

Money burning a hole in your pocket? Damn the financial ruin of the United States???

No! We here at Zombie Prom Date Knitters (Crocheters, Spinners, Damn it, Fiber Artists, but that looks dumb on a t shirt) are thinking ahead. When the nay sayers are freezing their arses off, the Pigs and I will be wearing hand spun/knit long johns. They'll be lumpy at best, but we'll be warm. (The Ogre is 6'6", I don't knit for that. Besides, he generates heat through sheer grumpiness.)

Let's also hope the end isn't that near:

1. I'm slow at all of the above

2. The Pigs are big

3. I'm going to have to make friends with a goat, and chicken farmer real soon the Pigs gotta eat too
Hey! Next farm visit...Noreen! She's got SHEEP and CHICKENS.

Now where can I get some cheap land...


Linda said...

Oh, man! You guys have all the fun! I gotta find me some alpaca/sheep down here....

Anonymous said...

Holly and I split two pounds of chocolate colored "blanket" fleece from an alpaca named "Pita". I carded a couple batts last night and spun quite a bit of a bobbin full. Nice stuff. Spins very easy without any cleaning. I'll gently wash it when I set the twist in the skein.

Holly Bee said...

I do believe Marty is bragging!

I shouldn't tease him, he's still got my fluff!!

I will spin it and knit a hat named Hummus!

tracyb said...

Oh, I'm sure you could get some cheap land in Alpena! Move up here and we can raise Alpacas together.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Tracy, ALL of us? You do know I have twenty seven kids, don't you?

I have four bags of alpaca in my diningroom (P-man needed the van) and I can't stand it anymore, I'm diving in. The hell with spindles.

Holly Bee said...

Go Spinny, GO! Hit that fluff!!!

tracyb said...

Spinsanity - of course! We could have an Alpaca Commune!

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Damn, Holly! That money is HUGE! Or is Marty just really small?

Holly Bee said...

No, the money is's inflation.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Inflatable money? I want me some of that!