Thursday, October 02, 2008

When Good Knits Strike Back

The knitting has been about as rough as the stock market around these parts. Really, the
Roundy-Roundy blanket being done in soft pastels was all

"I am a lovely blanket made with Mission Falls 1824, fit for the child of a privileged 30 something with couple both with graduate degrees, excellent jobs, 401k's and a nanny who never lets me get barfed on (Oh, hells no to snot)...then you throw all the colors together...I might as well be a rasta hat.

Yes, I was attacked by uppity knitting.

Speaking of knitting and attacked. Poor knitty Helena sweater part deux was attacked! It wasn't even zombies, it was something more domestic this time...a vacuum.

Right, I was using a vacuum. Did you know the two u's in vacuum comes from the Latin root? Sorry, had to show that I didn't entire skip my senior year of high school.

Yes, besides being an excellent cook, a zombie slayer of the utmost skill, the Ogre is not above pushing around a vacuum. Although said vacuum is in the League of Extraordinary Evil (along with the one from Mr. Mom) and we have yet to tame it.

Because of all the chaos, the Hopps for Hope blanket wanted in on the action. Yes, apparently, it took offense at how slow I am at finishing. It misses Tracyb and Jax and their mad finishing skills. But you can't argue with an angry wubby. I was jumped and taken down

and comforted and filled with love! Wow! I think my ass even looks nicer in my jeans due to this blankets power! Someone call the sisterhood of the traveling pants! We have stolen their mojo!!! In your face Ugly Betty.


Linda said...

Step One; remove all items from floor.
Step Two; Vacuum floor.
Yea, I get those confused too. Really sucks (punn intended) with a whole house vacuum system and you suck up the metal dog leash.

Kashmir Knitter said...

OMG! Does your vacuum know Bad Horse!?

tracyb said...

Oh, I've SO vacuumed up knitting before! Poor thing! That blanket looks nice in the picture!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Oh you poor thing. Vaccuums are evil, pure evil.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Linda, you mean *puun* intended?


Stay away from the evil vacuum. Spin the dust bunnies!

Your ass is hawt, Ms Snot! We never did go see that movie. Is out on dvd yet?