Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ready, Set, Helena! Still not done

The Ready, Set, Helena!s sweater wants to be done so badly, it's following me around the house.

I don't want to work on it. Why?

I have actually been trying to take care of the veg that have been rotting on my counter tops. Oh, yes, here at Casa de Ogre an attempt at cooking has again been made.

As it turns out, after watching Ratatouille 100 times, I realized "Anyone can cook." As long as anyone's children are not in the immediate room yelling, hitting or snotting on or around me.

I, like the mop head kid in said movie, depend on someone else's cooking skills to cook...Pig 3 is my Little Chef. He made some damn fine Leek Potato Parsnip soup yesterday. With enough leftover to put in the deep freeze. Pig 3 is a Chef and planning for a blizzard.

Now, back to Ready, Set, Helena!...

Soooo close...

*No sweaters were harmed in the making of this post. I mean really if you are making a sweater for a child, please consider Plymouth Encore, 75% acrylic 25% wool. This is being done in the D.K. weight, quite smashingly I might add.

Why the recommendation encore? You know I'm normally a Cascade girl. Well, this sweater has already been...vacuumed, dragged around behind me on numerous occasions, stuck in and under the laz-e-boy chair, plus unceremoniously stuffed into my knitting bag.

Why treat it so poorly? I'm knitting for a little girl I've taken on as my protege, I knick named her Machete.


tracyb said...

I like how you give your yarn a test run! I love the encore, cheap and sensible!

Susie said...

Thanks for the laughs. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous!

Holly Bee said...


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I was hoping that this post was about My Chemical Romance?

Go angst-filled-GenX-moody-rockers-who-base-videos-on-Stephen-King-films! (Oh, wait, or was that 30 Seconds to Mars?)


Holly Bee said...

I love you Jared Leto!!!