Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mind Boggling

Our brave emergency room survivor! Pig 3!! No photo of the injury. It's gross.

So help me if he pierces that tongue later...well, at least I'll know what he'll sound like.

Core Zombie Prom Date Knitters...Can you guess which one is moving to Seattle, Washington?

Hint: It ain't Marty, he's a lifer.

Quick note from ZPDK-It's now's time to set aside your sandals and pull out your sassy boots.

Chasing werewolves, in sandals, leads to slipping and falling, we do not want a repeat of last year people!!.

Linda brought herself and a million dollar skein of European Awesome.

Yes, dirty, dirty Woolmeise. Even the Yarnharlot gets all weepy when she talks about this nasty yarn. I say nasty, and dirty because apparently when you see woolmeise yarn , you will do dirty or nasty things to get a hold of said yarn.

I'm not saying Linda did dirty or nasty things, but I was thinking about doing dirty and nasty things to seperate Linda from her yarn. It's really wicked lovely. Plus, look at the color she was taunting me with.

Carina was working on the Pink Horse Sweater. It's for an eight year old, and it's perfect, but, it's PINK. Knit that thing! It rocks! (I think my own eight year old self has been dying to see it done ever since you cast on.)

Oooh, no photos of my lovely Alpaca fluff. But, at one point someone said "Can I smell your llama?" Which, I don't know, is that legal in this state?

Spinsanity, in a brainwave of pure environmental awesome suggested that we do something for the good of the order and the planet. She is currently looking into this SWEET community service project. As soon as we get it worked out, details will be passed along...if all goes as planned, well, this could be mind bogglingly cool. Yeah.

Speaking of mind bogglingly cool...we met more knitters today!'s like we flock together. Flock. Flock? Nothing.

Then, just when you're thinking "Damn, there really is a Kalamazoo, and if Jonathan Coulton ever did a show there I would hang out with those kooky Zombie Prom Date Knitters and then take in a sweet JoCo show with them. It would be like THE perfect day!"

But maybe you already missed the perfect day...

Oh, hell, we'll be there next week. To the right of the gelato...

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