Thursday, October 16, 2008's like 10th on my To Do List...right behind Matt Damon

Why, oh why am I the slowest knitter amongst my friends?

Could it be because I'm knitting for friends with two arms?

(if you have only one or less arms, and you take offense to this, I'll knit you a sweater. I'm not trying to harsh your mellow.)

Or, I knit things, and people don't understand my artistic stylings.

Or worse yet, I'm knitting round in a square world?

No, I think it's that the Ogre insists on checking every little mysterious door in Kalamazoo for danger.

I mean really, does this door look suspicious to you?

I myself have run across this door on numerous occasions.

I've only ever found it to contain:

a nest of vampires
and this time, okay, a bunch of zombies. They were milling around in there looking for the way out. It was like a whirl pool of flannel in there.

Then at a movie, we ran into this. I mean who puts a cemetery in the lobby of a theater?

I say that's just poor civic planning. At this point, I was not in the mood for any more zombie slaying. I mean, really, this was supposed to be a quick lunch-movie date, and here we are saving the world.

I pushed the zombie back into the freshly dug soil while the Ogre ordered popcorn. Then together, we pushed a "Zombies Attack!" pinball machine on top of the grave. The irony.

So, yeah, the knitting, kind of gets pushed to the side.


Linda said...

The sweater is so pretty and SO close to being done! Has the Ogre lost weight?

Carina said...

Damn zombies. Ruining a good lunch date. That sucks.

tracyb said...

ooo...I'm digging the pinwheel blankie! Oh - I still have to send you that pattern, I am so lame.

You are much closer to finishing projects than me.

Holly Bee said...

So close to doooone! Hurray!