Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Genetic!

Turns out, Pig 1 also has the gift.

Pray tell you say. Is it the of nobbly knitting, or better yet the gift of wonky spinning? Oh, sweet Alpaca! Say it's not the gift of snarky writing!!!

Ok, subtract the snarky, and you've got a winner!

Yes, Pig 1 has the weekly daunting homework assignment of writing a half page in a journal. Can the Pig stop at a half page? Is it ever non fiction? No, and No!!

It's usually a swash buckling tale of monsters, ghouls, and pirates being battled by the brave sword wielding Pig. I'm even in the stories...swordless...

Why don't I ever have a sword? Because I'm the chef in these battles! I take out Pirates with flaming hot fry pans! Ah, just the way I like it! Resourceful, sneaky and...near the good stuff!


Linda said...

How awesome is that?! Do tell! Do POST! I want to read Pig 1's stories!!
Will he let you post one?

Holly Bee said...

He's pretty shy...I don't think he's ready to be an internet sensation yet!

Linda said...

If I ask "Pretty Pleeeeese" and whine continuously? Will that help?