Monday, October 06, 2008

Really, I should be a Pirate

I knit

I spin

I sew-really, all my sewing projects are promptly sewn and given to Goodwill. Goodwill then pitches said items into dumpster because they are too poorly done to be sold at Goodwill.

I seem to do them all equally crappy.

But I'll tell you what I am good at...tailgating,

(which is actually drinking in a parking lot) (Look close! Dee & Dee's brother are in this one!)

selling raffle tickets, selling football tickets, selling tickets,


and sneaking stuff into places

(bootlegging). (I did not sneak the guy in, but the Ogre was squeezed in right behind the guy. Please note the guy is big...wait!!! That's what she said...hahahaha. Oh christ, that's my friend Steve, and now I feel dirty.)

I have quite a skill set. I think I'm in the wrong profession. So if the Pirates won't take me, there's always...

There's always vampire slaying.


tracyb said...

I sew too, sometimes . . . and poorly, but I just bought flannel to make girly pajama pants for my girlies for Christmas! I'd rather be tailgating!

Holly Bee said...

I have fancy fabric that I bought for a dress...last year.

Now it's been cut out for a skirt.

I promptly balled it up and threw it in a bag and said-I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP. Then threw it behind my chair, where projects go to die.

Maybe next year it will be done.

Linda said...

Weaving! Let's try weaving! Not the huge looms, this kind...

Knit and fall back in it said...

Is there anything you can't do, woman?

Holly Bee said...

I can not jog. Or sing, or get along with my mother. I may not legally be allowed in the state of Arizona.

Holly Bee said...

We have one of those looms!!!!

Linda said...

Is there a fiber related product you DON'T have? How long does it take to drive from NW South Carolina to Kalamazoo?

tracyb said...

oh I posted before the pictures - girl, you plyed your yarn didn't you? You Rock! (my spinning has temporarily been balled up and thrown behind the chair, but I swear, I will not let it die, it just needs a time out)

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Since when do you have a loom?

Somebody, come hem Abi's pants...they're all too long and she's gonna trip a break her other arm! *sob*

From Battle Creek to Duck, NC is 14.5 hours of pure hell in a short bus. Does that help? *snicker*