Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hopps for HOPE-It's in the Mail!

It's finally done. Like done, done. Went to the Post Office twice, done.

No, I didn't go yesterday, Linda was kind enough to remind me of the holiday (Columbus Day, who knew!)

I went twice, because in true saving gas form, I forgot to put the address on the package. I did try to teleport home, I did moved about an inch, but that may have been due to getting nudged by the post office door. It's a small building.

When I was asked if anything dangerous was in the box, I was overwhelmed with silly thoughts

"It's only dangerous to cancer."

"Blankets, they kill chills."

"If you fear orange and green together, then yes, this box could be considered EXTREMELY dangerous."

"Tyra Banks considers this box Fierce!"

"It's only dangerous to the eyes!"

I declared it safe, not hazardous, not leaky, and announced to the other 4 people squeezed into the tiny clown car Post Office that it was for the good of man kind and that we were saving the world one stitch at a time.

Then, I whipped out my soap box, (it's awesome, I have a collapsible one that I keep in my backpack just in case of such occasions) and said "By the way, you should also know the reason this town is so free and clear of zombies is because of me, and my knitting friends, so maybe you should stop mocking those of us who happen to dabble in the fiber arts."

Yeah, it's been a busy morning.

On going charity project:
If you're bored, whip up a cancer cape-machine wash, soft, of decent size to:

HOPE Lodge,
129 Jefferson SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Pam Roach will love you forever. She's heading up this project.

On the radar...

An EVENT. I'm thinking in the Middle of the Mitten. An over night retreat.

With proceeds going to the National Kidney Foundation this time.

Why? We've all got kidneys, some of us more or less than others!

Also remember, FatCatCrochet is walking for/against Alzheimer's October 25th...
that could also our next, next project. See, always thinking...


tracyb said...

You put a pretty border on them! They are very retro. You know, 70's kitchen colors. And 70's kitchens remind me of chicken soup so they are bound to bring comfort to the people at Hope Lodge!

Kristina said...

Unbelievable! Fabulous!!!

I agree with Tracy - the retro colours are both good, and they work well.

Sorry to have been derelict with visiting - my job is less slack now than in past... but that's not an excuse. I will be a guid cross-border friend in future.


Holly Bee said...

kb! Don't worry! With great power comes great responsibility...

You're like Spiderman!!!

I kindly asked the people at Hope Lodge to give it to a person with a sense of adventure towards the color orange.

Linda said...

WOW! Nice join job! Oh that didn't come out right. Crap! You know what I ment. And thanks for the shout out to Alzheimer's.

If you'd like to be awesome like Holly (but not as awesome, cuz she's the awesomest!) you can donate online over at my place :D

Susie said...

Love the quilt! I'm a new knitter and came across your blog and have become a fan. I've added you to my list to receive a copy of an award that I just received. Please come by my blog and grab a copy of the award waiting for you!

Grandma Pammy said...

This is Pam Roach- and you are right- I will love love love you forever- when you send me prayer shawls! for the Hope Lodge. You will feel so good when you 'create' one. Keep up the good work- and I love that blanket that you all made. Pam ;)