Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party...You Missed Out...Swiss Steak Soon

Why the pained looks?

We were surrounded by these freaks!!

I just want world peace.
Or Jerry Garcia to continue to be Grateful that he's Dead, while I resist war.
Pig 3 wants to be able to fly.

Are those the Red Rum Twins? No!

Jedi's who got their swords taken away.
Yes, all this fun and more was had at the annual Home Grange 129 Halloween Party.
Oooh, don't be sad! You can have some Grange Fun too!
The Swiss Steak Supper is coming up! When? The first Friday in December of course!
This year that happens to be...December 5th (the bazaar is open during the dinner and on Saturday December 6th)
What? You don't know about the Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar?
Oh, we go through this every year...
Swiss steak, Homemade mashed potatoes (no flakes here!) gravy, veg, homemade sweet pickles,
Plus, this is your chance to get some 3rd place worthy Snot made knit goods! Yes, I knit and then give it to the Grange to sell it at the Grange Bazaar.
There are also Grange Cookbooks available, awesome Aprons, bags, antiques, baby quilts, full size quilts, and many other amazing things that are at prices too good to believe!
Plus, it's all for good causes...
The Grange does so many cool projects through out the year:
Hats/quilts for Oakland Hospital's newborns
donations to Newton Township food bank
Words for Thirds Dictionary Project
In as Much House-Emergency Shelter-donations
Snacks for the VA Hospital
4th of July Community Parade-Hello, free hotdogs!
These are just projects I can think of. Support the Grange, Support your Community.


Susie said...

I bust out laughing when I saw the sad Jedis! I want to thank you for all your comments. You're so encouraging and I really do appreciate it.

tracyb said...

If I lived over there, I would totally buy your snot made goods to help out the grange. My nephew would devour the steak dinner, and why did you have to take away the pigs swords? What's a Jedi without his light saber?

Anonymous said...

hey..holly i want my shirt back. i thought i had lost it 40 years ago. tell your dad to stop stealing my clothes. love toady

Holly Bee said...

Toady!!! The shirts not from dad!!!

I got it from Keith! Don't tell anyone, but he used to be a dirty hippie!

Hey! Does that mean you did too?


Linda said...

Third Place Snotty Knits?! Shiney!