Thursday, October 16, 2008

Game Warehouse!!!

We went to get some pizza at Jasper's (Support your local business scene! Plus, really $5 pizza tastes like $5) But to get great tasting pizza, you have wait, so we went for a walk.

On this walk, something AWESOME happened...

Right in lovely downtown Vicksburg. They buy, sell, trade, and the best thing for my family REPAIR video game systems.

Yes, ladder, well, they don't officially open until 10-17-08, but they let us come in and check out the store...

Game areas,

HUGE selection! All game systems, loads of used games. I'm talking atari all the way to wii.

Stage area for Rock Star! Serious! Stage lights and everything!

They're even going to have 2 stage areas so they can have battle of the bands in there!

We have a 10 year old playstation, so I'm not sure, but I think that is a wii thing back there.

Plus, when I was marveling at the mysterious wii stuff, I was shocked and amazed at the...sega, and gameboy, and well, I felt all young and giddy!

Speaking of young and giddy...

Dear Fanboys,

For Game Warehouse's opening day celebration you can buy a raffle ticket ($10) to get a chance to win a life size Boba Fett Costume!!

Knit with Snot

What day is opening day you ask????
Friday October 17, 2008.

Soo, I'll see you there right? Now, were will Boba Fett look best? Of course I'm getting raffle tickets...I'm gonna win too.


Linda said...

The Pigs must be in heaven!

Holly Bee said...

It was very close to the time when I was locked in a yarn shop that was going out of business and everything was half off. It was very rocker, even for me.

I was all...sega this, and fix my playstation that, and oooh gameboy games for the pigs, uh-huh and little kids singing the ramones on the rock band. I so wanted to go drum for them. I know what I'm doing with my free time...screw knitting.

Holly Bee said...

The screw knitting was a joke...I was just all hopped up on the ramones and wanting to play drums!

Anonymous said...

Howth Pig threeth tong tooday?

Anonymous said...

They still own the boba fett costume - so did they fix the raffle or, never draw a winner - you be the one to judge (crooks)

Holly Bee said...

anonymous: I don't know what happened with the raffle, but I'm willing to go ask.