Sunday, October 12, 2008

Football Day? Not this time

OOOOOOH! Alpaca!

You of the mighty, mighty fiber!!!

I'm going to dance with you, until I tire

Then spin, with your fluff,

until I go off in a huff

drink a glass of cabernet!

OH HEY! Did I say glass? I meant bottle...

OOOOOH! Alpaca!


Linda said...

Oh! She's a poet and we didn't even know it!

Holly Bee said...

Oh dear friend, it's not just poetic, it's a song!!! You must sing it with joy!

It's like a polka! Ooooooh we had such an awesome, awesome! I was like felt up by not less than 5 alpaca! All at once!

tracyb said...

they sensed in you someone who was worthy of their pelts