Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Failed Knitting? No, Failed Gardening!

Living in Michigan, some things don't happen at the right time.

Like watermelons. You know in August you really just want a cold refreshing watermelon?

Around these parts, if you want a locally grown, pink delicious watermelon, it's going to be ready about the same time you start wearing sweaters and the Pigs are back in school.(I guess that could be August some years.)

Look! Watermelon and Halloween candy! Together at last...

So maybe I planted my tomatoes a couple weeks late this year, maybe I planted a variety that needed a longer growing season than recommended for my area.

Maybe, just maybe, I actually bought these tomato plants because I felt bad for the plants and I thought if I brought them home I could give them enough love to alter time, speed up the harvest and teleport me off this rock...wait, that was when I lived somewhere else.

Anyway, what I end up with was basically, watermelons in October,

fried green tomatoes or admitting that McDonald's and the South is right and I should just put sugar in my damned tea.


tracyb said...

sweet tea is awesome!

Holly Bee said...

Noooooo!!! Not you too!

tracyb said...

sorry, it's my southern roots, my mother's family is from Alabama, and my sister lives there. Used to be, when my brother-in-law would come up here and ask for sweet tea, no one knew what he was talking about!