Friday, October 10, 2008

Alternate Universe Knitting Circle

Well, my spinning must be of commercial grade now, there's no hooch left in the house.

I'll be drinking turned cider and trying to spin next.

WAIT! I thought this was knit with snot, not spun with alcohol!

Turns out the vacuumed up, misread lace pattern, requested to be knit in red by me no less, Helena is slow going due to all of the spinning excitement.

que the music guys-

(you have to go to youtube yourself, because I am the ONLY person unable to put a stupid video on their blog. It may actually have something to do with 3 kids running around and trying to do this and get them to ready for school.)

Now, I have the song Helena in my head, and a dread for knitting Helena at hand. I wonder if there are any new knitting books at Barnes and Noble?

Oh, knitting at Water Street?! Well, Spinny, you did miss out on the off week. Not only did Jaxy, Carina, Marty, and Shelly make appearances, but Albert Einstein and many other famed scientists from the 20th century were able to time travel to make it. Time travel does have the added perk of not being petrol depended.

There was talk of what really happened in the barrio, how much hair one enjoys in their fried pig skin (I prefer none and none) and just how awesome the space time continuum is, and maybe math not fiber is really what's holding it all together.

Plus check our youngest knitter's first sweater project!
It's Rogue-by the girl from Auntie

There was also an innocent bystander that asked a knitting question. Although, I'm thinking she really only wanted a "yes, use the round needles to get your gauge when knitting in the round."

There was a bit of new knitter excitement and people were talking fluff and halo and misting and measuring gauge, and well, I was confused. But let's hope she was confused enough to come back for more. Plus, Einstein was looking dapper in his tweeds.


Carina said...

Yeah, she probably wanted the simple answer, huh. I just didn't want her to get all set and then have the hat be too big after the yarn bloomed. It's that darn teacher gene in me, I guess.

tracyb said...

Tell Jax those are totally impressive cables!

Anonymous said...

That cabled hood looked like what a fantasy character would wear on an adventure. Just incredible!
Holly's Dad