Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Zombie Prom Date Knitters Fall Update

Send your Kids, Pigs, Sanity back to school in style with our brand new line of Zombie Prom Date Knitters Swag! Yes, these stylish items were Designed with Snot for you by your very own Holly B and are available at zazzle.

We even have a Charity shirt to raise funds for the Women Empowering Women program of Kalamazoo (through J. Church).

You're thinking white is a poor choice for a zombie slayer's new favorite t? Well, through the mighty power of zazzle you can put the ZPDK logo on any color, size or style shirt of your choice!

Ah, the freedom of choice!

Speaking of Freedom...

Remember how we used to blow off responsibility to knit, spin, and eat cupcakes at Water Street Coffee Joint in the Oakwood Plaza as if there weren't any more zombies in the world?

As mentioned earlier, that time is upon us again!

Thursdays 1-3. Come early, stay late.

They serve coffee and smiles all day. Not to mention delicious food that could be considered good for you and loaded with veggies. ( Don't worry, the dessert tank is there to counter the evil of healthy eating.)

2nd Wednesday of the Month Evening Outing-Cancelled
due to School Starting
or I didn't realize that was next week
or that's the Anniversary of 9 years of Wedded Bliss for the Ogre and I
or that's also train the Pigs up to be like Michael Phelps night

either know you're too busy to attend.

September 20th-tenative road trip
Interweave Crochet MagazineFall Issue Launch Party-Thread Bear Fiber Arts-Lansing

This event involves Kim Werker-Editor of IC, and Sandi Wiseheart and her infamous gallery. Yes, we the mockers of Sandi's Galleries have the chance to be part of a gallery!
For more info scroll down the ThreadBear calendar section.

Watch, we go I become BFF's with Sandi. Wouldn't that be just my luck? Me, a Yes Man. My eye is already twitching.

September 27th-Set in Stone Road Trip
Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Blanket of Hope Sewing Bee at

I was going to catch a ride with famed vendors Spinsanity and Em. But I haven't really worked out details...

As the Ogre said "Do you even know where West Branch is?"

My reply "Yeah, it's by Alpena."

"Do you know where Alpena is?"

"It's sort of by the thumb. (This is where I, person from Michigan, holds out my handy dandy hand map.) It's not that far."

Then, the Ogre holds out his more true to scale Ogre hand which dwarfs my own hand map and states "it's like 5 hours each way, pack your tent."
Looks like it's a ZPDK slumber party!!! Camping anyone?



tracyb said...

Come to Alpena and stay with me! (I love that you thought Alpena was in the thumb!) Seriously, I just invited Kristin to come to the Festival and stay here, we could totally have a party! Eastside Represent!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

In answer to a question you asked at Brouhaha's blog: Peach Salsa! Fresh peach slices, onions, fresh mint--Cilantro if you must. Presto. Ymmm. Must be on the web somewheres.

Carina said...

Whoo, I get to come tomorrow! Lunch meeting was cancelled. Since I'm missing guild tonight (coming down off the albuterol high), I'll need to be there tomorrow.

Oh, and I ordered a charity shirt and then found the Ravelry Obama group's page and got a couple of things. Cool site.

Holly Bee said...

Peach salsa...does sound delicious!

Careful what you wish for Tracy!!!