Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yarn Hog turns a new Leaf, or Shovel

I was dropping something off at Pig 1's school when I spied something beautiful and lucious on the front office desk.

It was an opaque handled bag, and inside were 5 lovingly wound balls of yarn. They were all of the same size and in coordinating colors. They looked to be wool.

I immediately thought "Gee, someone must have dropped this off for me!!!"
So, imagine my surprise when I was tisk-tisked out of the office with out the bag o' yarn.
Was I dismayed? Was I saddened?
NO!! I have enough yarn to reclothe a flock of sheep. I left with the joy in my heart knowing there was a knitter/crocheter in my midst. Ah, yes, and I was going to recruit them...into Zombie Slaying.


Linda said...

Go get her!

tracyb said...

I'm jealous, you've found a knitter in the wild. They are sparse up here, I think the deer or the turkeys make off with them!

Carina said...

That rocks! See if she'd like to come to the potluck on the 8th. They said we can bring food. :)