Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ogres and Limited Job Choices

Often overlooked is the Ogre's ability to cook. From rustic soups to delicate souffles, the Ogre's culinary skills are hardly ever sampled outside the home. A sad but true fact brought to light by a fellow Ogre falsely named Andre the Giant.

(In Andre's time Giants were more acceptable than Ogres, but with all the zombies hunching around these days, people don't seem to mind as much.)

Like most Ogres, my Ogre too once had a dream of becoming a chef. His second choice profession of Pastry Chef was also out of the question due to the extreme low height of the counters at his dream employers, the Slaughtered Lamb.

Luckily for him, they are always spots available for evil henchmen. Or rather, Chemists.

So, if you see the Ogre hunching around today, please don't hit him with a shovel. He is not a zombie. He had an unfortunate incident with a lawnmower, or a soccer hooligan. It's so hard to tell.


Dee's Brother said...

We will heal the Ogre with sugar free Ribs and Chili in a week or so! LOL

Kristina said...

I think the Ogre should actually look into getting a show on the Food Network - (NOT) zombie cooking. If he involved you and the Pigs, you might actually get a show going... :-) Think of the cash!!! You could move to Canada!