Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's just Knit silly

It was a knitterly September. The sun was shining,
those Mason-Dixon Knitters were spinning out patterns that would make even a sparkly Mom go wool.

Before knitting...cold arms, flashy necklace to hide her low self esteem, indoors breathing toxic paint fumes.

After knitting...warm arms, kicky jacket, love of life, organic market! All is right with the world!

Socks for the Revolution!
(Patterns featured found in Mason-Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines. Why you ask? Because I sleep with my book still and I think the paterns have uploaded into my brain. I may be in the matrix now.)

Yes, my friends, if you aren't a fiber addict now, you will be, oh, yes, you will be.

Why? Because the ladies will be in the lovely Midwest, being Chicago, next weekend. You'd think with all my MDK love and close proximity to Chicago I'd be there. No, I'm just spreading the news, sharing the love, doing a good deed. They'll be at Loopy Yarns. I'll just be Loopy.
Then Yarncon-which sounds crazy and deliciously awesome.

*Goal 1...invited to go sign my own sweet yarny book at Yarncon next year.

Goal 2...write some sort of yarny book *


tracyb said...

My goal? Create a knitted sock pattern! I would totally put it in your book, if you would let me! And I totally want to knit those MD socks!

Kristina said...

Holly - hey, how are you!!! You'd better come up with a book shortly... just let me know and I'll market it up here in Canada. :-)

Sorry I've been out of the loop... too much has been going on. Will be reading your past posts and commenting shortly... and I should note that Tim's coffee has been keeping me going for the past several weeks given that I'm having to drive the damn car and pull into Tims.

Wishing you and the Ogre and the Pigs all of the best, always.


Holly Bee said...

Really, is that model the same lady? Please, Mason Dixon knits one day, Chicos the next??? Can it be!!??

Oh, heart bleeds Timmy's and my arteries are clogged from the love of doughnuts...keep going KB, keep going!