Friday, September 05, 2008

Football, Knitting, and Cake...

I don't know what's up with the football commentary. Giants winning the superbowl a fluke? Did they not beat a whole boat load of teams, and then beat the Pats? Who, by the way are the better team but still, a fluke?

Leave Eli alone, he has to live with being the youngest, least cute brother of the Manning Boys, why pick on him?

I'm not making this up. Check out Cooper.
Pig 3, this could be your fate. Yeah, winning Quarterback of a Superbowl and considered a fluke.

Enough NFL, I'm going to think about College football.

Speaking of school...Look! My knitting should improve greatly!

Two pigs off to school! Pig 2 just looks bigger because he's closer. That's a lie, he's going to be a middle linebacker. Hello, that's the quarterback of the defense!

Anyway, I only took minimal shots of the Back to school Zombie Prom Date Knitters outing as not to piss off our fellow coffee shop goers.

But gosh, how could a person be angry over that carrot cake? Or all the awesome knitting and plans for good charity deeds that were in the works?

Speaking of cake, I ordered a cake for the Northern Lamb and Wool Fest. Yeah, a 1/2 a sheet cake. It's not just for the 4 of us that will be there. I plan on leaving it as a sign of good will in the Hospitality Area. If there was more cake, I think there would be more peace.


tracyb said...

What is that gorgeous thing the lady is knitting in the picture? I want that yarn! Cake sounds fabulous!

Dee's Brother said...

Speaking of football and good times....about a month from now you will get the opportunity to see me! :)

Maria1975 said...

I completely agree with you, I'm tired of hearing about how the Giants only won because of a fluke. The Pats are highly overrated, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Colts/Manning fan.

Elizabeth said...

Shelly, you EAT that cake!

And yay for pigs off to school. :) College is fun so far.

Knit and fall back in it said...

I think you're right, Holly. This world needs more cake.